Tomb Raider #6 (Comics Review)

Tomb Raider #6 (Comics Review)

Tomb Raider 006

After a slight bump here and there, Gail Simone and Nicolás Daniel Selma’s Tomb Raider has really gotten off to a great run in the last couple months. So much so that it is finally the kind of Tomb Raider comic I’ve been wanting to read from the two of them, ever since the announcement last year. Gail has done a great job thus far of shepherding the character through her post-game events, and she…

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SDCC2014: IDW Publishing & Orphan Black

SDCC2014: IDW Publishing & Orphan Black


In recent years, IDW Publishing has stepped up with its full force to present some of the best television tie-in comics out there. Dark Horse has been the top-dog in that niche for a good long while, but IDW has focused on altogether different things, and has proved its mettle. Animated series like Samurai Jack and My Little Pony or live-action tie-ins like True Blood and Star Trekhave proven…

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Storm #1 (Comics Review)

Storm #1 (Comics Review)

Storm 001

Over the years, Ororo Munroe aka Storm has become one of the most prominent of the X-Men, particularly since starring in the X-Men movie franchise and played by Halle Berry (questionable performances, but more to do with the writing). With the launch of Brian Wood’s X-Mencomic last year that saw her take a more prominent role in the comics-verse, a lot of people in the fandoms seemingly expected…

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Future’s End #12 (Comics Review)

Future’s End #12 (Comics Review)

Future's End 012

Of late, the action in Future’s Endhas really been ramping up to something epic. With all the different plotlines going on, it was inevitable that many of them would intersect with each other in quite interesting ways, and that is exactly what has been happening. Thing is, despite the apparent lack of general popularity in the title as far as the blogosphere is concerned, the title still appears…

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DC WOMEN presents:

"My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit"

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Comics Picks For 16.07.2014

Comics Picks For 16.07.2014

Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con 001

In what is probably my last “Comics Picks For…” post since I am going on vacation for the next two weeks, what I like is that despite not hitting my usual goal of 26 comics read, I did manage to read the same as last week, 21 in all. All in all it is a good number I think since I got most of my usual titles out of the way and even read a few different things, some of which were really good.


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Best of 2014 Part 1b: Monthly Comics

Best of 2014 Part 1b: Monthly Comics

Best Comics 2014 Part 1

A few days ago I did my best of 2014 list for the novels I have read in the first half of this year. That list followed the same format that I have been using for 2 years now, but with this new list I decided to make a big departure, owing to how many comics I’ve been reading in recent months, often 80+ comics in a single month! That’s crazy.

So, with the books already having been covered, I now…

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Unity #9 (Comics Review)

Unity #9 (Comics Review)

Unity 009

Aliens and superheroes is a concept that mixes really well, as some 75 years of comics from the Big 2 has proven. Superhero comics today form the biggest share of the market and with good reason, they are the staple of the form after all. Occasionally creators go the full distance with this, as Valiant Comics has done in recent weeks with its Armor Hunters series, tying together its X-O Manowarand

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Secret Avengers #5 (Comics Review)

Secret Avengers #5 (Comics Review)

Secret Avengers 005

In the last four months Ales Kot and Michael Walsh have dazzled me with their take on this secret group of Avengers working for SHIELD. Hawkeye, Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Nick Fury Jr., Phil Coulson and Maria Hill have been stunning almost every step of the way and this has certainly been one of the most impressive of the new titles launched by Marvel this year for its All-New Marvel NOW!initiat…

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Edge of Tomorrow: Live, Die, Repeat

Edge of Tomorrow: Live, Die, Repeat


Tom Cruise is no stranger to action movies, and certainly not to science-fiction action movies, having done quite a few of them in his time, the latest up until a few weeks back being Oblivion, which was… tedious. I certainly didn’t like it, but Tom Cruise is a fairly decent actor, so he kind of gets a pass on that. When Edge of Tomorrowwas announced last year, I was actually quite excited about…

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